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Camshaft Seals
Product Id: 01-9016
Camshaft seals - Pack of 2 (SDD-25-40-6) Made in Japan.
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Valve Guide O-Ring
Product Id: 01-9042
Valve Guide O-Ring 14.5mm x 1.5mm. Equivalent to OEM: 93210-15151-00. Sold each.
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Side Cover Emblem - Orange
Product Id: 07-4660
Side Cover Emblem - Cast Metal - Orange
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Side Cover Emblem - Gold
Product Id: 07-4661
Side Cover Emblem - Cast Metal - Gold
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Side Cover Emblem - Green
Product Id: 07-4662
Side Cover Emblem - Cast Metal - Green
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Side Cover Emblem - Red
Product Id: 07-4663
Side Cover Emblem - Cast Metal - Red
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Carb Intake Manifold
Product Id: 48-1481
Carb Intake Manifold - Sold Each OEM Ref# 256-13565-00-00
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Intake Manifold Set
Product Id: 48-1482
Intake Manifold Set - 3 Pcs OEM Ref#2F3-13586-01-10
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Sprocket - Front 17T x 520
Product Id: 22-1617
Steel 520 x 17 Tooth Front Sprocket Lighter Weight and more chain clearance for your 650 (Note: Must use with 520 chain and rear sprocket) This sprocket does not have a thicker center and needs shims to modify OEM Reference # - 256-17461-70 - Use w/520 chain
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Piston Ring Set
Product Id: 01-0750
Piston Ring Set (3) First Oversize 0.25 OEM Ref # 1J7-11610-11
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Engine Stand
Product Id: 19-0403
TC Bros. Yamaha XS650 Engine Rebuild Stand. Make your engine rebuild a lot easier with this engine stand. Very rigid and easily secured to your work bench using 1/4in holes found in base of stand. Powder coated gloss black for a durable finish. Fits all years of XS650 motors. Made in USA. Assembled dimensions are 10.25in W x 13.5in L x 11in H.
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