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Rider Footrest Rubber
Product Id: 02-2472
Rider Footrest Rubber - Flat Bottom type Sold Each, Order the Quantity you Require.
${displayCurrency('$ 8.95')}
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Footrest Rubber
Product Id: 02-2650
Rider Footrest Rubber - Rounded Bottom type Sold Each
${displayCurrency('$ 9.95')}
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Damper Rubber Footrest Set
Product Id: 02-6527
Damper Rubbers - ( Rider footrest mount bracket ) - Set of 4
${displayCurrency('$ 21.95')}
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Passenger Foot Peg Set
Product Id: 19-0118
Passenger Footpeg Set - (1 Left + 1 Right) with mount brackets (original type). Fits: 1977-84 650's
${displayCurrency('$ 25.95')}
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Stainless Steel Center Stand Bolt
Product Id: 37-0001
Center Stand Bolt - Stainless Steel bolt - ported to put grease directly to pivot points where its needed and make the bike easier to pull up on the center.
${displayCurrency('$ 21.95')}
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Side Stand Kit
Product Id: 37-0005
4Pc. Sidestand Kit - Includes Sidestand, Return Spring and Mounting Bolt & Nut. Fits: 1970-73 XS/TX650's Only.
${displayCurrency('$ 39.95')}
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Side Stand Spring
Product Id: 37-0006
Sidestand Spring Fits: All 1970-76 XS/TX 650's
${displayCurrency('$ 5.95')}
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Side Stand Bolt & Nut
Product Id: 37-0007
Sidestand Shoulder Bolt with Castle Nut Fits: All 1970-76 XS/TX 650's.
${displayCurrency('$ 4.95')}
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Side Stand Kit
Product Id: 37-0010
6Pc. Sidestand Kit. Includes Sidestand, Return Spring, Sidestand Spring Link Plate, Sidestand Bolt, Washer & Locktab. Fits: All 1977-84 XS650's
${displayCurrency('$ 46.95')}
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Side Stand Spring
Product Id: 37-0012
Sidestand Spring - Fits: 1977-84 XS650's.
${displayCurrency('$ 3.95')}
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Sidestand Bolt, Washer & Locktab
Product Id: 37-0014
Sidestand Bolt, Washer & Locktab Fits: 1977-84 XS650 sidestand mount.
${displayCurrency('$ 6.50')}
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Sidestand Spring Link Plate
Product Id: 37-0015
Sidestand Spring Link Plate Fits: 1977-84 XS650 sidestand mount
${displayCurrency('$ 6.95')}
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Main Center Stand
Product Id: 37-0018
Center (Main) Stand. Also has fittings for Dual return springs as used on European Models. Replaces Stands on All North American 1974-84 XS650's
${displayCurrency('$ 84.95')}
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Center Stand Spring
Product Id: 37-0019
Center Stand Spring, Plated Finish. Fits: All 1970-84 XS650 Center Stands with single springs.
${displayCurrency('$ 8.95')}
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Footrest Mount Crown Nut - 10 x 1.25
Product Id: 49-0703
Polished Chrome Shock Crown Nut - Short Type. 17mm hex x 10mm 1.25pitch x 16mm Long. Fits: All Footrest mount bars 70-84 + Fender mount thru point on 76-78's.
${displayCurrency('$ 2.95')}
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