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Engine Oil Seal Kit
Product Id: 01-9010
Engine Oil Seal Kit 10pc Set Includes 2pc. of special triple lip cam seals. Included: Electric start to crank case seal, starter motor shaft seal, kick start seal, shift shaft seal, clutch push rod seal, transmission countershaft seal, upgraded cam shaft seals x2, Crank seal (alternator side) & tach drive seal.
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Clutch Pushrod Oil Seal
Product Id: 01-9019
Clutch Pushrod Oil Seal Made in Japan OEM Ref.# 93102-08094/08118 (SD - 8-25-6) Ars
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Camshaft Seals
Product Id: 01-9020
Camshaft Seals - Pack of 2 - Special triple lip Made in Japan (25-40-7)
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Countershaft Oil Seal
Product Id: 01-9021
Countershaft Oil Seal (Front sprocket Seal) Made in Japan
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Starter Motor / Crankcase Oil Seal
Product Id: 01-9022
Engine Oil Seal - Starter motor to Crankcase OEM Seal #93102-34095 Ars SD34-46-10.5
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Tach Drive Oil Seal
Product Id: 01-9023
Engine Tachometer Drive Oil Seal OEM Seal #93104-07036 Ars SO 7-13-4 HS
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Kickstart Shaft Oil Seal
Product Id: 01-9024
Engine Kickstart Shaft Oil Seal OEM Seal #93102-25064 Ars SD 25-35-7-2HS
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Crankshaft Oil Seal
Product Id: 01-9025
Engine Crankshaft Oil Seal on Alternator (Left Hand) side. OEM Seal# 93102-25121/25090 Ars SD 25-40 9-L-1 HS
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Shift Shaft Oil Seal
Product Id: 01-9026
Engine Transmission Shift Shaft Oil Seal OEM Seal# 93109-14010 Ars SDD 14-24-6
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Starter Motor Shaft Oil Seal
Product Id: 01-9027
Starter Motor Shaft Oil Seal OEM # 93101-17047-00 SDO 17-28-8 HS
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Camshaft Seals
Product Id: 01-9016
Camshaft seals - Pack of 2 (SDD-25-40-6) Made in Japan.
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