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Valve Stem Seal
Product Id: 01-0114
Valve Stem Seal (Sold each) Made in Japan - OEM Ref.# 341-12119-00/02
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Premium Valve Stem Seals
Product Id: 01-0115
Premium Valve Stem Seals. Use these with Our New #05-0025 XS Performance Cam (Also Web Cams) and matching XS Performance Valve Spring Sets. Seals are 0.85mm. shorter than our #01-0114 stem seals and this provides additional seal to valve cap clearance needed when using higher lift cams. Sold in a pack of 4.
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Cylinder Head Sealing Washer
Product Id: 01-0650
Cylinder Head Sealing Washer Steel Head washers with internal seal. Used under 4 outer cylinder head crown nuts. Note: Not included in gasket sets. Made In Japan. Sold each. OEM Ref.# 90210-10004
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Brass Cylinder Head Washer
Product Id: 01-0651
Brass Cylinder Head Washer Can be used as a substitute for stock cylinder head sealing washers (#01-0650). Used on four outer cylinder head studs. 22mm. OD x 10.5mm. ID x 4mm. thick Note: All Cylinder head fasteners should be re torqued on newly assembled engines after they have been run at full normal operating temperature.
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Intake Valve Guide
Product Id: 01-9087
Valve Guide - Intake - Standard Size
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Exhaust Valve Guide
Product Id: 01-9088
Valve Guide - Exhaust - Standard Size
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Valve Collets (Keepers)
Product Id: 01-9093
Valve Collets (Keepers) for Intake or Exhaust Valve - OEM # 341-12118-00 Sold in Pack of Two.
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Valve Spring Seat Shim
Product Id: 05-0028
Shim for Valve Spring Seat - Original part used on cylinder head under the valve spring. Steel shim must be in place on head (often missing!) 1pc. fits below each valve spring assembly.
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Valve Spring Set
Product Id: 05-0029
Performance Valve Spring Set (8 pc) with steel caps (4 pc). Special Valve caps provide maximum Cap to stem seal clearance. For use with the XS Performance #05-0025 Cam or Web cams or to replace original stock spring & cap sets. Fits: XS/TX650's 1970-84
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Tappet Cover O-Ring
Product Id: 18-0671
Tappet Cover O-Ring - Made in Japan by original supplier (Ars). Sold Each. Fibre gaskets can be used on all 650's, these O-Rings can be used only on engines with the O-ring groove in the tappet cover cap.
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Decompressor Cable - Grey
Product Id: 51-6504
Decompressor Cable (Grey) - OEM # 306-26371-00-00 - Made in Japan. Fits: XS2 (1972), TX650 (1973)
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Exhaust Valve
Product Id: 05-0067
XS Performance Polished Stainless Steel Exhaust Valve. Replaces OEM #341-12121-01 Fits: All 650's 1970-84 Collets Sold Separate
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Intake Valve
Product Id: 05-0065
XS Performance Polished Stainless Steel Intake Valve. Replaces OEM #341-12111-02. Fits: All 650's 1970-84 Collets Sold Separate
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Rocker Arm Set
Product Id: 05-0037
XS Performance Rocker Arm Set (4) (3mm Internal Hex Type for Easy Valve Clearance Adjustments). Each assembly weighs only 5 oz. Fits: All 1970-84 650's. Note: Rocker Arms do Not have the decompressor lip as used on 1972- 73 Models. Sold in Sets of 4 Only.
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Rocker Shaft Plugs - Set /4
Product Id: 05-0080
Stainless Steel Rocker Shaft Plug & O-Ring Set. Set includes 4 Plugs and 4 O-Rings - Allen Socket Head Type. Fits: All XS/TX 650's 1970-84
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