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Valve Stem Seal
Product Id: 01-0114
Valve Stem Seal (Sold each) Made in Japan - OEM Ref.# 341-12119-00/02
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Premium Valve Stem Seals
Product Id: 01-0115
Premium Valve Stem Seals. Use these with Our New #05-0025 XS Performance Cam (Also Web Cams) and matching XS Performance Valve Spring Sets. Seals are 0.85mm. shorter than our #01-0114 stem seals and this provides additional seal to valve cap clearance needed when using higher lift cams. Sold in a pack of 4.
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Cylinder Head Sealing Washer
Product Id: 01-0650
Cylinder Head Sealing Washer Steel Head washers with internal seal. Used under 4 outer cylinder head crown nuts. Note: Not included in gasket sets. Made In Japan. Sold each. OEM Ref.# 90210-10004
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Brass Cylinder Head Washer
Product Id: 01-0651
Brass Cylinder Head Washer Can be used as a substitute for stock cylinder head sealing washers (#01-0650). Used on four outer cylinder head studs. 22mm. OD x 10.5mm. ID x 4mm. thick Note: All Cylinder head fasteners should be re torqued on newly assembled engines after they have been run at full normal operating temperature.
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Cam Chain Rivet Link
Product Id: 01-8801
Cam Chain Rivet Link Tsubaki BF05T Cam Chain. Made in Japan
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Cam Chain Rivet Link
Product Id: 01-8802
Cam Chain Rivet Link Rivet Link - D.I.D. 219FTss. Fits: # 52-4008 Cam chain. Made in Japan NOTE: May not fit old original chains due to later chain dimension and design improvements made to strengthen cam chain.
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Engine Oil Seal Kit
Product Id: 01-9010
Engine Oil Seal Kit 10pc Set Includes 2pc. of special triple lip cam seals. Included: Electric start to crank case seal, starter motor shaft seal, kick start seal, shift shaft seal, clutch push rod seal, transmission countershaft seal, upgraded cam shaft seals x2, Crank seal (alternator side) & tach drive seal.
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Clutch Pushrod Oil Seal
Product Id: 01-9019
Clutch Pushrod Oil Seal Made in Japan OEM Ref.# 93102-08094/08118 (SD - 8-25-6) Ars
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Camshaft Seals
Product Id: 01-9020
Camshaft Seals - Pack of 2 - Special triple lip Made in Japan (25-40-7)
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Countershaft Oil Seal
Product Id: 01-9021
Countershaft Oil Seal (Front sprocket Seal) Made in Japan
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Intake Valve Guide
Product Id: 01-9087
Valve Guide - Intake - Standard Size
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Exhaust Valve Guide
Product Id: 01-9088
Valve Guide - Exhaust - Standard Size
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Valve Collets (Keepers)
Product Id: 01-9093
Valve Collets (Keepers) for Intake or Exhaust Valve - OEM # 341-12118-00 Sold in Pack of Two.
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Kickstart Rubber
Product Id: 02-2469
Kickstart Rubber Fits: Small 13mm shaft (later type kick start levers) as shown.
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Gear Shift Rubber
Product Id: 02-2470
Gear Shift Rubber OEM Ref.# 132-18113-01
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