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Disc Brake Rotor Lock Tabs - Set/3
Product Id: 29-6530
Bolt Lock Tabs - (pack of 3) for disc brake rotors. Cadium Plated Steel Fits: All XS/TX650's 1974-84.
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Disc Brake Rotor
Product Id: 30-3065
High Performance Disc Brake Rotors for 77-84 XS650's Stainless Steel Disc - Drilled - Fits: Front Right or Left - Less unsprung weight - Approx 3.6Lbs. verses stock discs at approx 6.2 Lbs. - 298mm.Dia. Includes spacers. Japanese Made Superior Quality Performance Disc Brake Rotors.
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Caliper Spacer - Pack/2
Product Id: 30-3066
Brass Caliper Spacers (Pk/2) - A replacement set used to space calipers when installing upgraded front brake discs (XS# 30-3065). 2 pc. used per caliper (Note: Now Included with XS#30-3065 brake discs). Fits: 1977-84 XS650 Calipers when our performance discs #30-3065 are installed.
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Brake Disc Bolts - Set/6
Product Id: 30-3064
Brake Disc Bolts (Set of 6). Fits: Front Brake Discs on All 650's 1977-84 and All 1978-80 650's with Rear Disc Brakes. Oem Ref. # 90101-08307/08312/08477
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