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Seat Grab Rail
Product Id: 68-6800
Seat Grab Rail - Exact Replica of original - Polished Chrome Fits: XS1/XS1b/XS2/TX650 (1970-73 Only). Note: Grab Rail bolts to rear of stock seat.
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Seat Bottom Document Holder
Product Id: 68-6805
Document holder - Original type as used on stock 1977-84 XS650 seat bottom.
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Grab Rail Bolts - Set/2
Product Id: 68-6811
Bolt Set with Lockwashers - Mounts stock Grab Rail to 1970-73 Seats.
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Seat Assembly
Product Id: 68-6901
Seat Assembly - 1980-84 "Special" models - Rear Latching Lift Off Type Only! Exact Replica of Original - Complete with rear Latching mechanism, base damper rubbers, Document holder, Steel seat Pan, Original fabric, Attractive 1980 deluxe style pleating. NOTE: These seats DO NOT fit any other Yamaha models or models of XS650's not listed above. We do Not have seats for the 78-79 specials (side hinge type).
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Seat Rubber Cushion Set (6 piece)
Product Id: 68-6914
Contains 4pc. of Short Seat Rubbers Plus 2pc. of Tall type. Set Fits: Seat bottoms of North American model XS650G 1980, XS650H Special II (1981), XS650SH/SJ/SK/SL (1981-84) and all European "Special" Models 1979-82.
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Seat Latch Assembly
Product Id: 68-6917
Seat Latch Assembly Fits: XS1/XS1b/XS2/TX650 (1970-73)
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Seat & Center Stand Stop Rubber
Product Id: 97-0010
Rubber Bumper - Stand Stop Rubber - Also for use with Aftermarket Muffler Center Stand Stops. Rubber bumper is mounted to muffler and/or frame. 1" Dia x 9/16" Long - Fits into 3/8" (10mm) Hole. OEM Ref. # 278-27114-00/01/A0, 371-27114-00-00. Used on All TX/XS650's 1974-84 Some models use 2 pc.
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Seat Assembly
Product Id: 68-6904
Replica of original stock Seat. Steel seat pan, mounting hardware (hinges, hook for seat latch and seat prop assembly) included. Accepts passenger grab rail (Not included). Seat is OEM Ref. # 306-24730-01 type. Fits: XS1/XS1b/XS2/TX650 1970-73
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Seat Hinge - Set/2
Product Id: 68-6803
Seat Hinge Set (2) with mounting Bolts (4pc.) Fits: XS1/XS1b/XS2/TX650 1970-73 stock seats.
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Seat Latch Hook
Product Id: 68-6918
Hook for seat latch (bolts to seat base) with mounting bolts. Fits: XS1/XS1b/XS2/TX650 1970-73 stock 650 seats.
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Seat Rubber Cushion Set (5 Piece)
Product Id: 68-6915
5pc. Rubber Cushion Set for the Seat Base on our Seat #68-6904. Replacements for Mikes XS seat # 68-6904 Only. Rubbers are Not the same as 1970-73 rectangular originals.
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Seat Assembly
Product Id: 68-6903
Seat to fit "Standard" model 650's 1974-79 1974-76 447 type pattern on steel base pan. Includes hinges and seat latch hook. Fits: "Standard" Type 650's - 1974 TX650A, 1976-79 XS650 models.
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Seat Hinge Set
Product Id: 68-6812
Seat Hinge Set for 447 "Standard" Model Type Seat. Includes 4 mounting bolts and 2 hinge pins. Replaces OEM #'s:(Front) 371-24726-01, (Rear) 389-24726-00-33. Fits: 1974-79 "Standard" model seats
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Seat Hinge Pin - Set/2
Product Id: 68-6806
Seat Hinge Clevis Pin - Set/2 This is for Hinge Pin only. Pin Oem Ref.# 91501-05055/91701-05055. Fits: 447 "Standard" model type seats (1974-79)
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Clip for Seat Clevis Pin - Set/2
Product Id: 68-6807
Retaining Spring Clip (Pk/2) for Seat Clevis Pins. Replaces OEM #90468-10050/156-83525. Fits: Seat clevis pins for 447 "Standard" model type seats.
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