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Front Fender Mounting Bolts - Pack/4
Product Id: 66-7883
Bolt Set (4) with Lockwashers (4) to Mount the Front Fender to the Front Forks. Fits: 78-84 "Special" model front fenders.
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Grab Rail Bolts - Set/2
Product Id: 68-6811
Bolt Set with Lockwashers - Mounts stock Grab Rail to 1970-73 Seats.
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Front Fender Cable Loop
Product Id: 99-5000
Front Fender Speedo Cable Loop. Fits: Stock fender on all 1977-84 XS650's
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Grab Rail
Product Id: 68-6809
Grab Rail - Polished Chrome, includes special rear fender mount bolts. Fits: 1976-79 XS650 "Standard" models. Note: Grab Rail bolts thru rear fender (into Grab rail) and top of rear shocks.
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Grab Rail/Rear Fender Shoulder Bolts
Product Id: 68-6810
Shoulder Bolts - Replacement for Stock Rear Fender Mounting Bolts as used on 1974-79 "Standard" models. These Bolts pass thru the stock rear fender, the rear fender mount rubbers and into the grab rail mount. Bolts also are replacements for the bolts included with grab rail #68-6809.
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