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Ignition Switch
Product Id: 12-0057
Ignition Switch with Fork Lock & Keys - OEM Ref.# 2G2-82508-50. Fits: XS650 1978-84 Only
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Contact Point
Product Id: 14-0038
Contact Point - OEM Ref.# 256-81621-11. Fits: Yamaha XS/TX 650's Order 2 for each XS engine
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Contact Point Screws - Pack/4
Product Id: 14-0190
Contact Point Screws (Pk/4) - Special Screws with Lock & Flat Washers for Points & Subplate. Screws are for mounting & adjustment of points.
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Auto Advance Rod
Product Id: 14-0650
Auto Advance Unit Rod with Advance Disc (Coupler to Advance Unit), nuts (2), lock washers (2), Rod - OEM Ref.# 256-11156-00, locating pins - OEM Ref.# 93603-07073. Note: Rod passes through camshaft. Cam must have internal bushings - (these are usually missing on 1980-84 North American 650 models). Fits: All XS/TX650's 1970-84
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Auto Advance Spring - Set/2
Product Id: 14-0651
Auto Advance Spring & Clip Set - Is your Ignition going to full advance at low RPM? This is the solution. Replacement Spring & Clip set replaces worn or broken stock parts & restores proper ignition timing advance rate.
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Auto Advance Assembly
Product Id: 14-0652
Auto Advance Assembly. Complete advance as Shown Including Cogged Mounting Nut. Replaces original units with worn or damaged parts. Fits: All 650's 1970-84 (contact point ignition assemblies).
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Point Plate Screws
Product Id: 14-0655
Contact breaker plate Screws (2pc.) and flat Washers (2pc.) - Set for main backing plate adjustment.
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Stock Contact Point Cam
Product Id: 14-0656
Stock Point Cam for Original Contact Point Type Ignitions (2 Contact Sets). Cam Oem Ref. # 256-81651-10-00. Fits: Stock contact point ignitions 1970-84
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High Perf. Dual Output Ignition Coil
Product Id: 17-6803
High Output Replacement Ignition Coil. Fits: 1980-84 XS650's with Factory TCI ignition (dual lead - 1 used per bike ). Used on 80-84 models Only, and is Not for contact point systems. Mounts to stock brackets. Plug Wires not included. Not for use with Boyer Ignitions. Mount this coil to stock bracket on opposite side and with high tension plug wires facing to front of bike (Red/White wire from stock harness goes to + terminal on coil). WARNING!!! Do not operate or apply power to the ignition system with one or both spark plugs disconnected. Operating or applying power to the coil or ignition system with one or both spark plugs disconnected will cause IMMEDIATE FAILURE to the coil. Ignition coils are NOT WARRANTIED for this reason.
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Ignition Coil Cap & Seal Set
Product Id: 17-6804
Replacement Coil Tower Caps and Seals Set. One set (2 Coil Tower Caps + 2 Seals). Fits the 2 coils used with stock points ignition coils or our XS#17-6803 High output replacement Tci ignition coil (A single dual output coil).
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Ignition Coil - Single Output
Product Id: 17-6805
Ignition Coil - Exact Replacement Original Type Coil for all 650's with Contact Point Ignitions. Replaces original coils that are weak from heat and age and restores spark strength to the ignition system. Hitachi type CM11-50/50B/52A 4 Ohm primary - Plug wires not included. OEM Ref.# 254-82310-60-00. 2 Required per bike.
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Spark Plug Cap - LB05FP
Product Id: 23-3113
NGK Resistor Spark Plug Cap (5K Ohms). This Factory Original XS650 type can be used with All electronic ignitions (spark plugs with threaded stud type terminal end).
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Spark Plug Cap - LZFH
Product Id: 23-3114
Non-Resistor NGK Spark Plug Cap. Fits to spark plugs with threaded stud type terminal end. Recommended for Early model 650's (points ignition).
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Spark Plug Cap - LB05EP
Product Id: 23-3117
NGK Resistor Spark Plug Cap (5K Ohms). This 5k cap IS required when fitting Champion spark plugs (with Solid terminal end) to Boyer and Factory electronic ignitions. Fits to spark plug with threaded on or solid terminal end only.
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Product Id: 26-5114
Condenser Pack - One pack used per engine - (located under top motor mount) - Japan Made, OEM Quality, OEM # 256-81625-10. Fits: All 650's with point ignitions.
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