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Rear Brake Light Switch
Product Id: 12-0009
Rear Brake Light Switch
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Clutch Release Switch
Product Id: 12-0013
Clutch Safe-T Switch Fits: XS650s 1980-84 that have this switch mounted on the clutch lever bracket (clutch must be pulled in to start bike).
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Neutral Switch Rubber Cap
Product Id: 12-0035
Neutral Switch Rubber Cap. (Neutral Wire Runs from Alternator Loom). Fits: All 650's
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Front Brake Light Switch
Product Id: 12-0044
Front Brake Light Switch, OEM Ref.# 1AO-83980-30.
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Front Brake Light Switch
Product Id: 12-0046
Front Brake Light Switch. Replaces OEM # 232-83980-30-00, 306-83980-30-00. Make sure you have or buy a front brake lever with the tab to activate the switch.
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Hydraulic Brake Switch - Front
Product Id: 29-7000
Original Type Front Hydraulic Brake Light Switch. OEM Ref. # 341-83980-30-00
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Hydraulic Banjo Bolt Brake Switch
Product Id: 29-7002
Hydraulic Banjo Bolt Type Brake Switch. 10mm. x M1.25 with 24" Lead. Brake switch bolt can be fitted anywhere from the master cylinder to the caliper and is actuated by hydraulic pressure. Fits: All Hydraulic Brake systems on all 72-84 XS650's that use a single hose type banjo bolt.
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