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Replica Muffler Set 1970-1973
Product Id: 07-0652
Replica Muffler Set - Original for XS1/XS1b/XS2/TX650 (1970-73) and also used for our later model systems #07-0749 and #07-0750. Chrome Plated. 1 each of LH and RH side. "Best sounding Mufflers ever made for the 650" Includes Joint nuts, 25 1/2" long. 94mm diameter.
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Replica Headpipe Set 1970-1973
Product Id: 07-0653
Chrome Plated Replica Headpipe Set for XS1/XS1b/XS2,TX650 (1970-73). Original Bends, Finned Headpipe Clamps and heavy duty single thickwall construction - 1.25" ID x 1.5" OD. Note: Headpipes are Not for later models.
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XS1 Headpipe Set - (74-84)
Product Id: 07-0754
Headpipe Set. Fits: XS1 Muffler on the XS650 1974-84.
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Replacement Headpipes (70-84)
Product Id: 07-0757
Chrome Replacement Headpipes - 1 1/2" OD x 1 3/8" (35mm.) ID x 35" Long with a slight kickup on the ends. When Mounted the ends of the headpipes are approx. 5" past the back edge of the engine Clutch (RH) Cover. New Removable Chromed OEM type Finned Headclamps included! Fits: All 650's 1970-84
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2-1 Chrome Headpipe Set
Product Id: 07-0767
2-1 Chrome XS Performance Headpipe Set with Collector. 1 1/2" OD Headpipes with finned clamp and a collector pipe (45.3mm.OD) with a slight kick up. Fits: XS650 (1980-84) Note: Muffler NOT Included. In Dyno Development this system with a free flowing muffler added and unprecedented 10HP+ rear wheel to a completely stock 1980 XS650. Designed to work with our taper Tip #07-0041 muffler or our #07-0114 short megaphone or any free flowing muffler that will fit onto the 45.3mm (1.783") OD collector. This system produces more power than any other we have tested or developed. Dyno Test Sheet
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Replacement Mufflers For 07-0749 Exhaust System
Product Id: 07-0749B
Replacement Mufflers for 07-0749 Exhaust System Includes Both RH/LH Mufflers as well as new mounting hardware.
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Finned Exhaust Flange
Product Id: 200-1010
Chrome OEM Style Finned Exhaust Flange for Exhaust Headpipes. 42mm ID, 13mm thick with 12mm high raised back edge (1.7mm wall thickness), 10mm stud holes @ 70mm center to center. Fits: our XS# 07-0754 XS1 Headpipes or for custom use.
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