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Chrome Clamp for Muffler Joint Nut
Product Id: 07-4072
Chrome Clamp for muffler Joint Nut - Clamps muffler joint nut in place. Fits: XS1/XS1b/XS2 1970-72 & 1973 TX650 mufflers. OEM Ref.# 256-14715
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Chrome Muffler Joint Nut
Product Id: 07-4621
Chrome Muffler joint nut - Threads onto original XS1/XS1b/XS2 1970-72 & 1973
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Muffler Joint Gasket
Product Id: 07-4622
Fits into Original Muffler Joint Nut as used on Stock Mufflers on XS1/XS1b/XS2 (1970-72) and 1973 TX650. Also fits to our #07-0749/0750 systems. Note: Sold Each, order quantity you require
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Center Stand Stop Rubber
Product Id: 07-4623
Center Stand Stop Rubber. Fits: To stock muffler on 1970-73 XS/TX 650's
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Exhaust Muffler Cross Over Joint Gasket
Product Id: 17-4526
Gasket - OEM Exhaust Muffler Cross Over Joint Gasket. OEM# 2G2-14714-00. Fits: Yamaha original Exhaust - XS650 E/SE/SF/2F/SG-SK (1978-83)
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Muffler Joint Gasket
Product Id: 17-4590
Muffler Joint Gasket - Gasket - 46mm. OD x 40mm ID x 11mm Long. OEM Ref. # 371-14714-03. Fits: Original Headpipes to Muffler Joint on Standard Models - XS650B/C/D/E/F (1975-79), TX650A (74) models with 40mm. (1.57") headpipes.
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Headpipe Exhaust Gaskets - Pack 2
Product Id: 18-0675
Headpipe Exhaust Gaskets (Pk./2) - Original Yamaha Type. OEM Ref.# 256/3GD-14613-00, 90430-38054. Fits: All 650's 1970-84
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Exhaust Stud Nuts & Locks
Product Id: 49-0713
Exhaust Stud Nuts & Locks - 8 Pc. Set Correct type Chrome Steel Crown Nuts and matching stainless steel lockwash.
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Stainless Lock Washer - Exhaust Studs (Pk/10)
Product Id: 49-0714
Stainless Steel Lock Washers - 10mm - Pack/10
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Seat & Center Stand Stop Rubber
Product Id: 97-0010
Rubber Bumper - Stand Stop Rubber - Also for use with Aftermarket Muffler Center Stand Stops. Rubber bumper is mounted to muffler and/or frame. 1" Dia x 9/16" Long - Fits into 3/8" (10mm) Hole. OEM Ref. # 278-27114-00/01/A0, 371-27114-00-00. Used on All TX/XS650's 1974-84 Some models use 2 pc.
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Passenger Peg/Muffler Bolts
Product Id: 99-0679
Special Fine Thread Metric Bolt that Passes Thru Passenger Pegs, Thru Frame and Into Muffler Mountings (Pk/2 Bolts with Lock Washers) of Stock OEM Mufflers. Fits: XS1, XS1b, XS2, TX650 (1970-73).
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Headpipe to Frame Bolt - Pack/2
Product Id: 49-0757
Bolt - Fastens Stock XS650 Headpipe Lower Flange to Frame. 10mm x M1.25 x 20mm with 17mm Hex Head.
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Exhaust Head Stud 10mm x 1.25 x 43mm.
Product Id: 49-0736
Exhaust Studs for Cylinder Head - 10mm. x M1.25 x 43mm. Long with Plated Finish.
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Bolt XS1/2 Muffler to Late Frame
Product Id: 99-0685
Bolt XS1/2 Muffler to Late Frame. 12 x 1.25 x 30mm Thread Length, 19mm Head.
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Crown Nut For Exhaust Mount Studs
Product Id: 49-0712
Crown Nut for Exhaust Mount Studs, OEM Ref.#95380-10800-00.
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