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Shift Shaft Assembly
Product Id: 05-0031
Shift Shaft Assembly. OEM Ref.# 256-18101-03. Fits: All 650's 1970-84
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Shift Shaft Spring
Product Id: 05-0039
Shift Shaft Spring - Upper to Shift Selector Drum Arm. OEM Ref.# 90506-08007. Fits: All 650's 1970-84
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Spring - Shift Selector Drum Detent Arm
Product Id: 05-0040
Spring - Shift Selector Drum Detent Arm. OEM Ref.# 90506-10022. Fits: All 650's 1970-84
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5th Gear
Product Id: 05-0857
Stock 22 Tooth 5th. Main Gear (located on final output shaft). Replacement for original gear - OEM Ref. # 256-17251-04. 5th gear commonly wears out and the engagement dogs causing the transmission to slip out of 5th gear. Replace this gear if you have this problem (cases must be split to install). Fits: XS650's 1978-1984 Only! Note: Yamaha changed the shape of transmission gear teeth from 78 on and this is indicated by lines cut into the crest of each tooth.
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Transmission Bearing Set
Product Id: 05-0850
5pc. Transmission Bearing Set (Sold as a Set/5 Only). Includes Shift Drum Bearing and 4 Transmission Shaft Bearings. Long unavailable and out of production with No substitutes available. Kit Contains: 1. Countershaft (sprocket End) B5206 Special Dual row Ball Bearing # 93305-20602 2. Countershaft Cylindrical Needle Bearing - OEM Ref.# 93313-32005 3. Mainshaft Double row Ball bearing B5205 - OEM REf.# 93305-20504 4. Mainshaft Cylindrical Needle Bearing - OEM Ref.# 93313-32007 5. Shift Drum Cylindrical Needle Bearing - OEM Ref.# 93320-31501 Fits: All 650's 1970-84
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Shift Shaft Circlip
Product Id: 05-0042
Shift Shaft Circlip, Installs on shift shaft groove on left hand side of bike next to shift shaft oil seal. Fits: All 1970-84 XS650's
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5th Overdrive Gear - .979mm
Product Id: 05-0869
5th. Overdrive Gear for Yamaha XS650 (1973-84), Fits Main shaft 0.979 mm ONLY. 0.984 inches or 25 mm (Hole diameter). 24 Tooth 5th. Pinion Gear. Replaces 23T 5th.Pinion Gear Gear fits to stock location and makes fifth gear taller (higher top speed in fifth but less torque and less vibration) but ratios in lower gears remains the same so that acceleration & torque in lower 4 gears remains the same. Cases must be split to install. This is a "Race" part and carries no warranty other than for defects in materials. Note: The gear I.D. measures 0.984 inches or 25 mm, PLEASE MEASURE IT BEFORE ORDERING This is Highly recommended to be used with part #05-0857.
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