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Cylinder Head Sealing Washer
Product Id: 01-0650
Cylinder Head Sealing Washer Steel Head washers with internal seal. Used under 4 outer cylinder head crown nuts. Note: Not included in gasket sets. Made In Japan. Sold each. OEM Ref.# 90210-10004
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Brass Cylinder Head Washer
Product Id: 01-0651
Brass Cylinder Head Washer Can be used as a substitute for stock cylinder head sealing washers (#01-0650). Used on four outer cylinder head studs. 22mm. OD x 10.5mm. ID x 4mm. thick Note: All Cylinder head fasteners should be re torqued on newly assembled engines after they have been run at full normal operating temperature.
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Top End Copper Sealing Washer Kit
Product Id: 18-0870
Top End Copper Sealing Washer Kit - 9 pc. Kit Contains: 1pc. # 90430-14043 ( @ Oil feed tube base at crankcase), 4 pc. # 90430-10027 ( @ Oil feed tube - Top of head at bolts), 2 pc. # 90430-11033 (@ Rear of cam chain guide support nuts to cylinder front), 2 pc. # 90430-06014 @ (Cam chain guide fastening bolts at front of cylinder). Fits: All 650's
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Bottom End Copper Sealing Washer Kit
Product Id: 18-0871
Bottom End Copper Sealing Washer Kit - 13 pc. Kit Contains: 6pc.of # 90430-08143-00 ( @ Crankcase Bottom - Nut washers), 2 pc.of #90430-06014 ( @ Oil filter cover screws in clutch case), 3 pc. 90430-06014 ( @ 3 Clutch case upper front screws), 1 pc. of # 90430-06014 ( @ Tach drive retaining bolt), 1pc. 37R-82543-00/90430-11034 ( @ Neutral switch base). Fits: All 650's
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Lower Engine Case Screw Set - 18pcs
Product Id: 49-0650
Lower Engine Case Screw Set. - 18pc. Fits: Lower right hand & left hand engine cases on all 650's.
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Engine Top Fastener Set - 55pcs
Product Id: 49-0651
Engine Top Fastener Set - 55pc. 55pc. Kit Contains: 3 Hole Tappet Cover chromed Crown Nuts (12pc.) with matching chrome Washers (12pc.) + Cylinder Head chrome Crown Nut (8pc.) + chrome rocker shaft End Plug (4pc.) + Point/Cam Cover chrome Screws (4pc.) + Exhaust Stud chrome Crown Nuts (4pc.) with matching Stainless Lock Washers (4pc.) + 2pc. Chrome Oil tube banjo bolts, + 2pc. Chromed Cylinder front/Cam chain guide bar Nuts, + 2pc. chromed cam chain guide bar bolts. Fits: 1970-71 650's
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Footrest Mount Crown Nut - 10 x 1.25
Product Id: 49-0703
Polished Chrome Shock Crown Nut - Short Type. 17mm hex x 10mm 1.25pitch x 16mm Long. Fits: All Footrest mount bars 70-84 + Fender mount thru point on 76-78's.
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Chrome Thick Washer - Footrest/Shock Absorber
Product Id: 49-0704
Chrome Thick Washer - 10mm x 27mm x 4.5mm. Fits: All Footrest mount bars on 1970-84 650's and shock absorber top mount stud on 1974-79 650's.
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Breaker/Advance Housing Screw Set
Product Id: 49-0711
Advance/Breaker Housing Screw & Washer Set (6pc. Set). Includes: 3 countersunk flat-head type screws and 3 matching starlock washers. 2 sets required to do both engine housings on each engine. Fits: All 650's 1970-84
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Tach Drive Retension Bolt
Product Id: 51-6518
Bolt - Special Bolt that Holds the Tach Drive into the Clutch (RH Engine) Case. Fits: All 650's 1970-84
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Cylinder Head Crown Nut - Stainless
Product Id: 49-0247
Stainless Steel Crown Nuts for All 650 Cylinder Heads 1970-84. Sold Each
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Chrome Crown Nut - Crankcase - Pack/6
Product Id: 49-0248
Tall Chrome Crown Nut Set (6pc. Used on Bottom of Crankcase). 8mm x 1.25 thread x 19mm tall (use 12mm wrench). Replaces OEM# 90176-08019.
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8mm. Chrome Crown Nuts - Pack/10
Product Id: 49-0754
Polished Chrome Crown Nuts (pk./10) - 8mm. x M1.25 thread.
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10mm. Chrome Crown Nuts - Pack/10
Product Id: 49-0755
Polished Chrome Crown Nuts (pk./10) Short type - 10mm. x M1.25 thread x 16mm. high (17mm. hex)
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Cylinder Head Bolt - Set/3
Product Id: 49-0764
Cylinder Head Bolt Set - 3pc. Bolt Set with Chrome Domed Heads. 1pc. 6mm bolt (center at rear of cylinder head) + 2pc. of Head Bolts (2 outer bolts located under each spark plug). Fits: All 650's 1970-84
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